Summer Nights Ableton Live Deep House Template



Summer Nights is another premium Ableton Live Template from Saftik Production. Because the summer is close to us, we think that this template is the perfect solution for a great summer hit. From deep bass line to great saxophone melody, this template is the ultimate summer hit maker. The vocals from this template are from “Ultra Tropical House Vocals by Vandalism Samples” are there used for demo purposes. For mastering project you will need FabFilter bundle, but, don’t worry, because in the main project you will find a mastering rack made from native Ableton plugins. Also in this template you will find some custom instruments made from native Ableton plugins.

Product Specs

  • DAW: Ableton Live 9.6
  • Audio Tracks: 19
  • Midi Tracks: 6
  • NI Massive Presets: 2
  • LD Sylenth1 Presets: 1
  • Custom Instruments from Ableton Native plugins
  • BPM: 116
  • Key: F#min
  • Pack Size: 73.9
  • *Required Plugins*
  • NI Massive v1.3
  • LD Sylenth1 v2.21
  • Xfer LFO Tools FREE
  • Xfer OTT FREE

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