Ableton Live Future Bass Template – Capuccino Break


Plugins Used

LFO Tool





We are back again with a brand new premium Ableton Live Project. For this time, we have prepared for you a brand new Future Bass song. So, if you want to make some great tracks, then this pack is ready for you. We exported all midi files and all presets used for all instruments, that means that you can use this pack even if you are not a Ableton Live user. For mastering project you will need FabFilter bundle, but, don’t worry, because in the main project you will find a mastering rack made from native Ableton plugins. Also in this template you will find some custom instruments made from native Ableton plugins.

Product Specs

  • DAW: Ableton Live 9.6
  • Audio Tracks: 9
  • Midi Tracks: 15
  • Xfer Serum Presets: 1
  • NI Massive Presets: 1
  • RS Spire Presets: 10
  • Custom Instruments from Ableton Native plugins
  • BPM: 150
  • Key: F#Maj
  • Pack Size: 205 MB
  • *Required Plugins*
  • RS Spire v1.1
  • NI Massive v1.3
  • Xfer Serum v1.1
  • Xfer LFO Tools (Free Plugin)

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