Miami Remake Ableton Template



Saftik Production start a brand new “Remake Series”. “Artistic Raw – Miami Remake” is the first Ableton Live project form this series, and it’s dedicated to all EDM music producers. If you like this track, grab your copy, replace the midi files and bounce your first BOMB Track.In this pack you will find presets for all instruments used to build this track, processing chains for every instrument and sound and a great Master Channel Chain made with FabFilter Plugins. Also, if you don’t have FabFilter, we decide to make another master chain made from Ableton plugins only. ENJOY!

Product Specs

  • *Required Plugins*
  • *Ableton 9.6
  • *Sylenth1* for Bass, Leads and Synths
  • *Massive* for Bass
  • *Nexus2* for SubBass
  • *FabFilter Pro-Q2* for Master Channel
  • *FabFilter Pro-MB* for Master Channel
  • *FabFilter Pro-C2* for Master Channel
  • *FabFilter Pro-L* for Master Channel
  • Midi Channels: 22
  • Audio Channels: 18
  • Return Tracks: 2
  • Bpm: 128
  • Key: E

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