DeeperNow Ableton Template




“DeeperNow” it’s a brand new project made by Saftik Production and it’s dedicated to all music producers. Is a project that combines two well-known styles Deep House and Future House, resulting a song that catches you from the first listen. “DeeperNow” it’s great for all music producers that want to climb easier into the major musical charts. Using groovy bass lines, harmonic piano chords and melodic vocals combined with sweet leads, this project is guaranteed recipe for your success

Product Specs

  • *Ableton 9.6
  • Plugins Used
  • *Sylenth1* for VOX Leads and Pads
  • *Spire* for Bass and Leads
  • *TruePianos* for Pianos
  • *ReFX Nexus2* for Synths
  • *KorgM1* for Pianos and Strings
  • *Waves*
  • *Midi Channels: 14
  • *Audio Channels: 32
  • *Master Chain Included
  • *Drums Chain Included
  • *Bass Chain Included
  • *Synth Chain Included
  • *Sylenth1 Presets Included
  • *Spire Presets Included
  • *BPM: 124
  • *Key: F
  • *Size: 85 MB
  • *For some issue with this template please contact me at

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