House Madness Construction Kits

House Madness Construction Kits Pt Video
House Madness vol.1 Construction Kits



The melodic chords and the sound gives out a very nice feeling for the clubs and the beach. Arrangement is ready for vocals. Fantastic groove and dancefloor killer. Download and make your cool tracks. Influenced by the hottest House club sounds this unique release gives you a wide selection of strong Melodies and lush Harmonies providing all you need to help create your next chart topping floor filler! In detail you will find a total of 111 files (28 Midi + 83 Wav files). each one is supplied with a related preview wav file, perfectly levelled and EQed for inspiration and to use on the fly! Rescale, Repitch, reconstruct, twist and mash these MIDI files within your projects, or try layering your own sounds with the included wav files for huge powerful future melodies and hooks!!! All files are 100% Royalty Free compatible with all major DAWs.

Product Specs

  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 28 MIDI Tracks
  • 83 Wav Samples
  • 24 Bit Quality
  • Size 598 MB


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