Alone Remake Ableton Template

Alone Remake Ableton Live Project



This template helps you to create your own music, or to remix your favorite tracks. You can add or modify melodies, harmonies, drums so that the results should be a song as music from the top of the major charts. We offer you the quality of a successful musical productions. This template is a melodic Ableton Live template heavily inspired by the sounds of labels like Spinnin ‘Records, and it’s bring you plucks features typical melodic, beautiful leads, snappy beats and bouncy bassline. Whether you make House, Deep House or Progressive House, this template will give you a head start on your own chart-toppers creating.

Product Specs

  • Full Track
  • **Ableton Live 9.5**
  • Plugins Used: Sylenth1, Korg M1, Waves, Spire, Massive, Dimension Expander, DJM Filter
  • Master Rack Included
  • Drums Rack Included
  • Bass Rack Included
  • *Synth Rack Included
  • *Sylenth1 Presets Included
  • *Spire Presets Included
  • *Korg M1 Presets Included
  • *Massive Presets Included
  • 20 Midi Tracks
  • 29 Audio Tracks
  • 49 Channels
  • Size 74 MB

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